Armored Vehicles Destruction and Hunting Training Programmes

Initial Requirements for Courses: 

In order to be accepted the Armored Vehicle Destruction and Hunting Courses, Candidates must have succesfully completed the;

  1. Physical Fitness and Battle Drill Trainings
  2. Individual Combat Trainings
  3. Small Unit Tactics and Techniques Trainings
  4. Antitank and Infantry Weapons Trainings
  5. Tank Crew Trainings 

Training Subjects:

The Aim of the Course is to encourage candidates to orientate armored vehicles, especially the tanks by teaching them how to use antitank weapons like rifle-grenades, Rocket Launchers, Light Antitank Weapons (LAW), Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG-7 etc), Flame Guns, Smoke Guns, Chemical Weapons, Handmade Destructive Materials, Smoke Cans, Molotow Cocktails and other obstacles to hunt or how to capture them. The main subjects of these trainings are as below; 

  1. Knowledge of enemy armored vehicles and their weak points
  2. Separating Infantry from Tanks and forcing tank crew to lock covers
  3. How to get in / off Tanks
  4. Trench construction
  5. How to Use Anti tank weapons
  6. How to use Flame Guns
  7. How to use explosives against tanks
  8. How to construct obstacles against tanks
  9. Defensive Operations in Urban areas
  10. How to capture a tank 

Skills to be gained at the end of the Course: 

At the en of the course, candidates showing qualifications of;

  1. Ambushing Tanks and Capturing
  2. Stopping Tanks and Destructing
  3. Burning a Tank to Destruct
  4. Tactics and Techniques to separate infantry from tanks
  5. Ensuring that the view of the tank crew is restricted
  6. Techniques to enforce enemy tanks crew to stay in tank and lock 

are awarded with the “Certificate of Armored Vehicles Destruction and Hunting Course”

Duration of Course:

Trainings including theoretical trainings, practices and simulations lasts 3 days in total.

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