Resul Tosun: The right choice is to be a grandmother, Mrs. Meral!

At the beginning of the week, I was surprised to hear Mrs. Meral's claim that "there are armed training camps in Tokat and Konya".

When I read the news in the media the next day, I was convinced that this woman would not be a politician.

Mrs. Meral said, “We hear that there are armed training camps in Tokat and Konya, such allegations are being said. Let them investigate and provide us the information. There are intense rumors that they will play a role in the election period, and that they will create confusion if an undesirable result occurs. One of them is a structure called SADAT. Believe me, SADAT and the rest structures are a speck of dust for me. These certain structures will lead people into conflict. I am warning you now and I want precautions to be taken.”


It is unbelievable that someone who served in the Ministry of Interiorfor a period would have made such a statement that would bring these two states under indictment.

I have called the authorities, the tradesman, the peasant in Tokat, all of them are firing at this statement.

Whoever whispers in this lady's ear defines this information as a sensation and an allegation that turns it into political discourse.

He orders that the lady be investigated and informed!


The owner of the claim must prove it.

That is the rule.

My compatriots in Tokat say how can we investigate something that does not exist, let us operate the law so that she can prove herself.

They are right from earth to sky.

I called friends in Konya’, and they reacted differently. They said, "We will not even consider this nonsense.”

Later, two more of Mrs. Meral's deputies joined this caravan of nonsense and increased the number of states to seven.


As for the SADAT issue.

SADAT is one of the legal military consultancy companies in our country. It is a company established in 2012 to provide Strategic Military Consulting and Special Military Training. Its relationship is with states. It does not have a camp in Turkey, and it seeks to consult the armies of the states with the security forces. For more information, just enter

Since SADAT is founded as a rival of more than 70 Defense Consulting companies operating to manage the Islamic geography of the United States and imperialist global powers, a campaign of attrition has been organized from beyond the ocean.


Mrs. Meral, who has no other task than to divide the MHP, which stands on the side of the state in national affairs, showed the scale of her policy when she threw accusations against Tokat, Konya, and SADAT. More precisely, she showed that cannot be a politician.

SADAT has already given Mrs. Meral the answer she deserves. Where they said: "she had previously served as Minister of the Interior but she does not have the courage to call the coup a coup, she established a party, but she thought that the policy was to be a spokeswoman for the initiators of sedition, instead of entering the SADAT Defense Company website and verifying its vision and mission, freed up to be a spokeswoman for counterfeiters beyond the ocean like Michael Rubin, who is one of Turkey's enemies, and The PARTY AND ITS PRESIDENT will be held accountable in court for slander.”

The right choice is not politics, but is to be a grandmother, Mrs. Meral!

Quotation: Resul Tosun 5 January 2018