Denial and Offense Announcement about the Parlamento News Website Our Offense Announcement and Denial Article About the News Site

We submit the following disclaimer (denial) to the valued public opinion, by filing an offense complaint against a website that attempts to defame our company with articles written by unknown people, whose location is unknown and whose identity is unknown.

An article full of lies containing slander was published in your website news titled “Here is the New Counter-Guerrilla” dated August 5, 2017. We kindly request to remove the article from publication and to publish the text of the disclaimer below.

The disclaimer text we requested to be published is:

Your Internet website news dated August 5, 2017, and addressed to is full of lies containing slander;

  1. Your claim that our company is a counter-guerrilla center is a complete lie and slander.
  2. Your claim that our company has trained Syrian, foreign, or domestic militants is a complete lie and slander.
  3. Your claim that AKP wanted our company to be established is false and slanderous.
  4. Your allegation that the training provided to AKP Youth Branches and/or Ottoman Hearths is a complete lie and slander.
  5. Our company does not and never have a camp in Turkey or any other country. Therefore, your claim is a lie and slander.
  6. Our company is structured as a "Joint Stock Company" with the status of a completely legal Commercial Company, your claim that it is structured as a counter-guerrilla center is false and slanderous.
  7. Your slander that our company has contributed to the education of various groups in Syria is a complete lie and slander.
  8. The training services we publish on our website are the services offered to the Armed Forces and Police Organizations of Turkey's friend and ally countries. It is carried out in accordance with international law. International laws and the laws of the Republic of Turkey are strictly adhered to. Therefore, your claim that it is a "serious crime" is a complete lie and slander.
  9. Your claim that the founder of our company, (R) Major General Adnan Tanrıverdi, holds the position of Commander of the Special Operations Department is false and slanderous.
  10. Your allegation that (R) General Adnan Tanrıverdi made religious propaganda in the army is a complete lie and slander.
  11. Your claim that (R) General Adnan Tanrıverdi was a part of being an Islamist in his retirement, is a lie and slander. His opposition to the 28 February Junta in the Armed Forces (which formed the basis of the Ergenekon and FETÖ structure) was the main factor when he was in office.
  12. As stated in the comment, the fact that our employees belong to the General Staff and are paid by the state is false and slanderous.