Anatolian Eagle Air Exercise crisis (22 October 2009)


Israel directed a harsh response against the announcement of the postponement of the International Section of the "Anatolian Eagle 2009/3" exercises, which was scheduled to take place from 10 to 23 October 2009, and the presence of scenes related to the massacre and inhuman acts carried out by the Israeli soldiers in Palestine, in the series "Separation" published by TRT 1.

It is necessary to probe the matter with its past.

If we search our minds we find that; In February 1997, the city was occupied with tanks, and the mayor of Sincan municipality was sentenced to 8 years in prison, this night was shown to be one of the causes of the February 28 coup, all because of the "Jerusalem Night" organized by the Sincan municipality, which was a representation of what the soldiers were doing, the Israeli massacres, in addition to the above, we find that the current developments are clearer in their values.

On the one hand, the pro-Israel General Staff reacted during that period on a night of celebration without the knowledge of public opinion, on the other hand, the government, which "addresses the conscience of the people" due to the massacre that took place in Gaza at the end of 2008, announced the General Staff, which they submitted to the will of the people that the international dimension of the process in question was postponed; moreover, regarding the newscasts on TRT, Israel's reaction remained suspended in the air by saying that “TRT is an independent institution, and we cannot interfere with its newscasts”, it is an important development that has a good effect on the conscience of a nation.

Two separate cadre with different ideology and two opposing practices at two separate periods, the first one a position that is dependent on the outside, fearful, eroding the personality of our nation and our state, and the second one is a solid stand that is personality and preemptive to the nation.

Fit for Turkey's strength, location, historical gains, and size; the ones his friends longed for and brought his enemies to his senses by frightening them; the position that will ensure that it has a say in the region and the global political arena is of course the last applied personal policy.

Is this wrong preference for foreign policy not enough to make the February 28 cadres who offend the nation, destabilize the country, and show an external dependent stance, alien to the nation's spiritual values, before an independent judiciary?

The architects of the practices at the time must always account for the country management in an independent jurisdiction, as they are steering the Jewish interests in line with their dirty relationships.

I wrote seven articles on Palestine from 31 January 2008 to 23 February 2009. The fourth of them, dated January 26, 2009, bears the title "Turkish-Israeli relations at a turning point”. As I thought it would clarify the issue, Turkish-Israeli relations and Turkey's late Middle East policies, I found my review on 26 January 2009 useful to bring it back to the attention and brought it below completely.

So what have we considered, what has happened this day, what remains to be done...?

October 22, 2009



Following Israel's Gaza attack, Turkey has experienced events in Israeli relations requiring a period to be closed and a new era opened, and mass reactions have improved.

Relationships must be on the real track.

We have had a period during which the will, which is outside the nation's consent, allocates Turkey's possibilities to Israel.

On the Jerusalem night organized by the Sincan municipality, due to the representation of the Israeli massacres in Palestine, the mentality of February 28, which invaded the area with tanks in February 1997, made this game the cause of the Post Modern Coup and said that they made the "balancing democracy"; In addition to the "Tourism Cooperation Agreement" concluded in 1992, one by one, as follows:

  • The Military Training and Cooperation Agreement on 23 February 1996,
  • The Free Trade Agreement on March 14, 1996,
  • The Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement on 26 August 1996,

To Israel under Turkish-Israeli Military Training and Cooperation Agreement;

  • Interchanging the mutual knowledge and experiences in the field of military training,
  • Conducting mutual visits between military academies and headquarters,
  • Making mutual visits of warships,
  • Cooperation in military, social and cultural fields on exchange of information and personnel and military history, museums and archives,
  • Conducting joint training
  • Cooperation between the two countries' intelligence units,
  • Arrangements for joint practices for the Israeli and Turkish navies in the Mediterranean,
  • Using of Israeli aircraft to the Turkish airspace for training purposes,

Facilities are provided.[i]

The content of the agreement is immediately enforceable and;

  • In April 1996, eight Israeli F-16s plane conducted a training flight over Konya. Since then, in addition to training, joint air exercises have been held annually with Turkish-American Israeli aircraft.
  • In June 1996, 12 Turkish warplanes went to Israel.
  • In January 1998, Turkish-Israeli warships carried out a joint exercise in the Mediterranean Sea. The joint naval exercises involving Turkish-US-Israeli ships and planes, the last were carried out on August 22nd, 2008, were repeated annually in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to the Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement;

  • In 1996, 54 F-4s, valued at $ 632 million, were modernized to the Fantom-2000 standard [ii] (15 of the 17 delivered in February 2000 were defective).
  • Modernization of 170 M60 tanks, valued at $ 700 million, on March 29, 2002 [iii], (deliveries will be completed in October 2009)
  • Modernization of 300 helicopters worth $ 57 million,[iv]
  • Unmanned aircraft system purchase on 19 April 2005v

Tenders were submitted to Israeli companies.

While the modern post-coup is being applied against the national will and values ​​at home, the country's foreign policy has directed the country's foreign policy in a way that hurts the national consciences; During this period, Turkey became the largest military buyer after India, with 3 billion dollars in

Turkey could not sustain its relations with Israel prior to the Gaza attacks on December 27, 2008. There are many reasons that prevent this.

  1. Human Causes:
    • Israel committed genocide on the Palestinian people in Gaza for 22 days and 22 nights in front of the whole world, intentionally, deliberately, planning and execution. The blood in his hand is also implicated by those who maintain normal relationships with this state, and this behavior means consent to persecution.
    • Those who carried out the Gaza massacre should be tried and punished before the Human Rights Court. Those who want to remain friendly with Israel cannot support the opening of the judiciary.
    • Gaza has been destroyed. It must be rebuilt by those who destroyed it.Supporting Palestine to protect the right is mandatory to protect international reputation.
    • Turkish and world public opinion stood against persecution and cursed oppressors. It is necessary to respect this anger.
  2. Socio-cultural Cause:
    • Our historical ties with the Palestinian people of innocent and our common belief, Islam, requires that Turkey be with Palestine.
  3. Political Causes:
    • The United States, which is preparing to withdraw from Iraq, will strive for an agreement to guarantee Israel's future.
    • Palestine will not accept permanent peace without regaining the occupied territories.
    • Conditions that do not give control to Israel within the borders surrounding Palestine and Israel will not satisfy Israel for lasting peace.During the peace talks, Israel will try to gain maximum benefit from the attack on Gaza. Israel will not hesitate to create an environment of conflict with pressure and coercion for the Palestinian people to accept its conditions. New attacks of Israel will not come as a surprise.
    • The national ambitions stemming from the faith of Israel, a state of religion, threaten the territorial integrity of the Islamic States in Turkey and the Middle East.
  4. Military Causes:
    • With the support of the West, Israel has become a major military power in the Middle East and around the world, with nuclear weapons.
    • If it is possible to break the resistance, it will be inevitable that the Turkish and Israeli armed forces face it in the medium term at the latest, following the exile of Palestine.

    The Turkish people, with their writers, intellectual world, scientific environment, political and strategic world, and ordinary citizens who fill the fields will all be on the side of Palestine and against Israel. With ordinary citizens staging a boycott of Jewish goods, so that "no ammunition is from me", the governments of the Republic of Turkey cannot deliver contracts worth millions of dollars to Israel; the military education and defense industry cannot continue to co-operate; they cannot allow Israeli aircraft to fly over Konya.

    The nation does not allow this. If the nation's sensitivity is not considered, they must be prepared to pay the price.

    Israel should take its true place in Turkey's assessments of internal and external threats. As a regional power, there is no more appropriate environment for Turkey to consider foreign policy and defense measures, by taking its place against Israel.

    Action Required:

    • The negative effects of training and modernization programs implemented in accordance with military training and cooperation agreements in the defense industry should be reviewed, and relieving measures should be taken.
    • Agreements on military training and cooperation in the defense industry should be suspended.
    • Defense plans against Israel must be developed.

    At the latest, the medium term should be ready for war with Israel. January 26, 2009

    Adnan Tanrıverdi

    Retired Brigadier General

    ASDER Gnr. Chairman