Palestine Should Possess An Army As Well


In our article dated January 15th, 2009 entitled “Israel should be Obligated to Defensive Warfare”, we tried to convey Israel’s objectives with regard to the attack effected upon Gazze.

In the said article as you may recall, we expressed the objectives Israel desires to reach at as a result of this attack, after this statement we continued as follows;

By January 20th, 2009 at the latest, thanks to the advantage gained with this attack together with the attacks that will follow, without out wearingmuch their troops, and within a very fast period of time, it is probable that Israel is aiming for Palestine and the whole world to unconditionally accept “ CEASE-FIRE”

The attack ceased on January 18th, 2009, and as of January 21st, 2009, they began to withdraw.

However, the conviction that the siege and blockade will continue more forcefully remains the same.

According to the declarations made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, it is understood that the objectives behind this attack are similar to the aims we pointed out earlier.

Israel is clearly declaring the following, “as and when the need arises we shall start military operation”, nobody can intervene nor impede Israel in this regard.

It is time we understood that the Christian world that placed this unruly people in the Middle East as a Trojan horse, has no intention to put an end to their massacres, on the contrary, they give them encouragement.

With the support of the Western countries, Israel bombarded the defenceless Gazze ceaselessly day and night, for a duration of 22 days with the aid of latest technology arms. People were killed and wounded. They left Gazze in ruins. But, they failed to diminish the will - power of the People of Palestine.

The physical goals of wars comprise of the following: to establish targets aiming at breaking down the enemy’s will to fight back. But, the main aim is to break down the enemy’s will to combat and thereby make them accede to their demands. As a result of this war, the determination of the People of Palestine to fight back has increased. Therefore, the winner of this war is PALESTINE.

This masaacre cannot be accepted as war. Because, in comparison to Israel’s resources Palestine barely possesses even the simplest weapons. They do not have aircraft, navy, tanks nor air defense.

During these attacks Israel rendered the Islamic World helpless and thereby trampled on their honour and dignity.

Unfortunately, non of the Muslim countries have been able to stand against Israel with their armed forces in the language which Israel would understand.

During the latest attacks, the People of Palestine have proven that they are “the Army of Islam in Gazze”

Countries with Muslim populations should either defend Palestine with their armed forces or they should establish a modern armed forces able to stand against Israel.

This is possible.


Initially you imagine it,

Later the concept comes into being.

Afterwards the project and planning is determined.

And implementation is the last phase of this process.

At this time we are only in the imagination stage.

Let us try to conceive an imaginary scenario vis-a-vis the future.


In the year 2010;

Turkey invited the Defense Ministers of 57 member countries of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC, )to attend a meeting in Turkey in order to discuss military intervention measures and determine a mutual attitude against a possible attack on Gazze and the like attacks by Israel. The meeting held was closed to the press and lasted one week. At the end of this meeting the following declaration was anounced: all the parties concerned shared the need for a “Defense Cooperation” to be established between the Islamic Countries and that a “Permanent Defense Cooperation Commission” should be established in order to realise this project.

The Prime Minister of Palestine who attended the meeting made the following declaration: in order to stop Israel and to be able to organise peace conferences on equal terms, there is a need for a standing army endowed with modern arms; however, there is no possibility for establishing a standing army on Palestinian Territory given the evident fact that the occupying country is technologically superior; and that they called upon a “Military Base” to be established on Islamic Countries territories in order to form air, navy and land forces and provide them training and equipment. Throughout the year, the Commission visited all the OIC member countries under the chairmanship of the Minister of Defense of Palestine.

In the year 2015;

USA proclaimed that within a period of two years, they would put an end to their military precense in Iraq.

Israel; proclaimed that it is critically important to make a permanent peace pact with Palestine prior to the withdrawal of the USA from the Middle East, and asserted that the resistance at Gazze region must be isolated from arms, and that the blockade surrounding Gazze shall be constricted, attempts to provide all kinds of aid will be prohibited, and will build “Jewish Settlemet Places” in northern, southern and western regions of Gazze.Palestine; proclaimed that the Hamas Government having elected their chairman as President and resolved their issues with El Fetih, would not accept Israel’s demands, in order to have permanent peace, Israel should withdraw from the occupied territories, alternatively, the resistance and disarmament would be out of the question.

OIC; proclaimed that an Israeli attack on Palestine would be insanity, Islamic Countries would not remain silent in such a case and would actively support Palestine.

Meanwhile the People of Palestine were getting ready for the Sacrifice Festival on “G” day, Israel gave start to air attacks on the whole of Palestine Territory.

Islamic Countries, demanded Israel to cease air attacks, recalled their ambassadors, and announced the closure of air and naval areas against Israeli aircraft and warships.

On day G+5; meanwhile Israel continued their Air raids, a destroyer pertaining to the Israeli Navy assigned at the Gazze blockade, was torpedoed by a submarine belonging to an unidentified country.

On day G+6; whilst sailing on the Mediterreanean Sea three Israeli trade vessels were sunk after being torpedoed by submarines.On day G+7; two Israeli trade vessels and one Israeli trade vessel were sunk while sailing on the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean respectively.

On day G+8; Palestinian Government spokesman declared that in case the USA vessel sailing on the Mediterreanean Sea carrying military equipment destined for Israel would not accept to change its course, then the said vessel would be sunk, and in case where Israel would not cease the air attacks then Israel’s trade vessels and warships would continue to be attacked by Palestinian Submarines.

As of the night of G+5, every nightaround 60 tanks were secretly brought inside towing vehicles from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and deployed in protected and hidden places around Gazze.

The 6th fleet belonging to USA was sent off to the Mediterranean Sea.

On day G+10; meanwhile Israel continued with air raids, they launched land attacks. On the surrounds of Gazze, the Israelis were raided with the counter attacks from Palestinian tanks.

Armed helicopters secretly brought into Gazze from different places and from neighbouring countries launched missile attacks upon Israeli tanks deployed around Gazze.

Tonight, due to unidentifiable 10 different aircrafts flying at low altitude and approaching from different directions bombarded the Israeli Parliament building, Generel Chief of Staff Headquarters and the Government Centre Office, afterwards, the aircrafts dropped the bombs and landed on the road at the Gazze Strip.

Palestinian Government declared that in case where Israel fails to withdraw its Land troops and stops it air attacks, then they will launch a suicide attack on Tel Aviv with 50 loaded war planes.

The Islamic countries announced that in case the conditions set out by the Palestinians are not accepted, they will fight against Israel alongside Palestine.

OnG+11 day; UN Security Council called for immediate cease-fire, Israel was asked to withdraw its land troops. The parties announced they would comply with the armistice conditions. Israel withdrew its Land Troops.

G+20; Israel delivered a diplomatic note to each Islamic Country;

Each Islamic Country, made the following declaration: each country donated to Palestine one submarine, one war plane, one helicopter and one tans; that the Palestinian soldiers who were going to operate them were trained in some of these countrys’ naval, air and land bases, that until G day, the submarines, aircrafts, helicopters and tanks provided by the Countries will be shown in their own respective inventories, with the commencement of war it became known that the Palestinian Armed Forces was actually established and layed an ambush on Israel, and that they will bring this aggression to the attention of the UN….”


The realisation of the above mentioned scenario is possible. If we contemplate on it a little bit we shall understand that it is possible. A little courage and a little fervour is sufficient. Let us not fear death but rather the mortification of the after life. January 22nd, 2009.


Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

ASDER Chairman