SADAT International Defense A.S. is in IDEX 2013 International Defence Exhibition - the biggest defense exhibition of the region in Abu Dhabi - the capital of United Arab Emirates. As the only defense service provider, SADAT A.S. has taken place there besides other 58 Turkish Manufacturer of Defense Industry at the Exhibition. More than 1000 international firms took place in the Exhibition.

Our services in defense field attracted great attention. Senior Military Officials requested more information about our services besides many other firms' approachs for strategic cooperation possibilities.

Here are some photos of SADAT A.S. and our visitors in exhibition;

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Stand of SADAT

logo idex2013SADAT A.S. is participating to International Defence Exhibition and Conference between 17-21 February 2013 at Turkish Hall Stand 10-B25 in Abu Dhabi - UAE

We would like see you in our stand. Please click here and register to visit us in Expo.

All guests need to register as visitors to attend IDEX. The quickest way for them to do this is to complete the IDEX visitor registration process online at – Register button (the registration site is
Once approved these visitors will be able to access IDEX and NAVDEX freely from 10am-5pm between Monday 18th and Thursday 21th February 2013.

Opening Times - Registered visitors will be free to attend IDEX from 10am-5pm between Monday 18th and Thursday 21th February 2013, as the access to IDEX on Sunday 17th February 2013, is restricted to VIP and delegations only (no visitor access).

Location and travel information - Visitors can find directions to the venue at

SADAT A.S. in IDEX 2013's web site

You are invited;

IDEX-2013 invitation

SADAT Inc. is going to participate as exhibitor to IDEAS2012 International Defence Exhibition and Seminar between 7 - 11 November 2012 in Hall-05 Stand E-05 Expo Center Karachi Pakistan.

SADAT in Ideas2012

If you would like to visit us please use online registration form or pdf.

About IDEAS2012

The International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) showcases a wide variety of technology, ranging from equipment used in the third world countries to the most sophisticated systems from the West. This exhibition provides a perfect interactive platform for the defence forces to assess the best products and technology to cater for their respective defence-related requirements. Besides, it also presents an ideal opportunity to the manufacturers of Military Weapons System, Vehicles, Defence system etc. for entering into collaboration and joint ventures with Pakistan or other prospective international partners.



The beginning of the last century witnessed the fall of empires. Nations within empires were controlled by winners of the World War I in form of small states. Dependent states were condemned to totalitarian regimes even though they considered themselves independent. Dictators were protected and supported by dominating countries.

Between the two world wars, developed countries of the West were rather governed by the fascist dictatorial regime while the Soviets and the dependent countries were governed by communist dictatorial regime.

After the Second World War, democratic systems modeled on the United States and England settled in the western states, while Communism was adopted as the system of government in Russia and its dependents.

The West, led by America against Communism, created NATO bloc and the Russian-led Soviet Union, created the WARSAW Pact against the raging capitalism.



We were luckily bestowed a visit to al-Quds al-Sharif, which is the second city built on the Earth, and on which al-Masjid al-Aqsa is located as the first kiblah of Muslims, the third Holy Masjid in excellence, the starting point of our Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Mi’raj, and the point where the Holy Prophet led other prophets in prayer, and the site which contains sacred places of monotheistic religions, under which ten thousands of prophets are buried, and which was under the domination of Muslims for 12 centuries, the last four of which under the Ottoman rule.

We had four days of spiritual enlightenment.



In TUNISIA, a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi attempted suicide by setting himself on fire to protest unemployment, poverty and corruption and his images spread throughout the country just to extend the scale of protests among the public, which finally turned into a civil commotion. After the refusal of General Rachid Ammar, the Army Commander to obey the order to shoot protesters, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the President of Tunisia, left his country and fled to Saudi Arabia after 23 years in power. Mohamed Ghannouchi, the Prime Minister of the government dissolved by Ben Ali, assumed the Presidency as required by the Tunisian Constitution; and he formed the “National Unity Government” including leaders of opposition parties in which the ministers of defense, home affairs and finance of the former government remained their positions. However, with the continuing protests, the government resigned. By the end of January, a provisional government was formed under the leadership of Mohamed Ghannouchi. The Prime Minister Ghannouchi announced that elections would be held within six months and the new government would take over.

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