Ocean Gate Internationale Yatırım Dış Tic Joins as Our Representatives

Signed representation agreement with Ocean Gate Internationale Yatırım Dış Ticaret Ltd Şti which is conducting activities more than 10 countries.

"Ocean Gate International" which operates in various sectors and countries, will provide possibilities to closely follow tenders and business opportunities to SADAT A.Ş.


Military Pentathlon Facility

Introduction video for Military Pentathlon Facility Project that we have prepared for Military Sport Unit in Libya

(Please turn on sub-titles for English)


Colonel (R) Ghazi Al-Harbi, representetive of SADAT in Saudi Arabia

Our relations became consalidated via the aggreement of representation in Saudi Arabia with Mr. Ghazi Al-Harbi, retired Colonel, who has been attracted by our company's mission and vision to deliver consultancy, training and ordnance services in Saudi Arabia.

Ghazi Al-Harbi is a retired colonel from Saudi Royal Air Defense and has been servingas military consultant for more than 20 years in his homeland.


Suudi Arabistan Temsilcisi 1


Suudi Arabistan Temsilcisi 2


SADAT A.S. in Libya

SADAT A.S. was in Libya to determine the needs of New Libyan Armed Forces and search for possibilities for Consultancy, Training, Ordnance service delivery for Libya.

As a result of the negotiations, a project of "Sports Facilities design for a Military Regiment" is now being prepared.

The Ambassador of Turkish Republic to Tripoli, Mr. Ali Kemal AYDIN also was informed about SADAT A.S. and its activities in Libya during the visitation in Tripoli.

T.R. Tripoli Ambassador Libya Regiment
Commander of Regiment and Ottoman Arm SADAT Chairman of the Board and Arm of the Regiment
Tripoli Meydan eş Şüheda

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