Palestine Should Possess An Army As Well


In our article dated January 15th, 2009 entitled “Israel should be Obligated to Defensive Warfare”, we tried to convey Israel’s objectives with regard to the attack effected upon Gazze.

In the said article as you may recall, we expressed the objectives Israel desires to reach at as a result of this attack, after this statement we continued as follows;

By January 20th, 2009 at the latest, thanks to the advantage gained with this attack together with the attacks that will follow, without out wearingmuch their troops, and within a very fast period of time, it is probable that Israel is aiming for Palestine and the whole world to unconditionally accept “ CEASE-FIRE”

The attack ceased on January 18th, 2009, and as of January 21st, 2009, they began to withdraw.

However, the conviction that the siege and blockade will continue more forcefully remains the same.

According to the declarations made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, it is understood that the objectives behind this attack are similar to the aims we pointed out earlier.

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